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Elimination of German Roaches requires a lot of effort. If one puts the initial efforts into the cleanout to achieve that goal of 98 percent + control that first month, the population can be brought to zero with continued vigilance.

When it comes to rodent control, it is important to place non-toxic baits in and around structures, near rodent entry points, in transport vehicles and beside rodent holes to detect the presence of mice and rats.

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5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
3 Reviews

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
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The Fleet

Our fleet is fully equipped to provide the best pest control experience and top service you deserve. Tell us about your pest control needs, and we can personalize an action plan, that works best for your residence and business.

Full Service Pest Control


Roach Control

Specialize in removal of German Roaches and American Roaches.


Ant Control

Eliminating and maintaining ant populations.


Spider Control

Monthly treatments help prevent spider invasion.


Bed Bug Removal

Inspecting, thorold treatments and follow ups as necessary to control Bed Bugs.


Bees Control

 Two-way removal by eliminating and relocating bees.


Rodent Control

Exclusion, rodent stations, snap traps, and glue boards are the remedy for rodent control.


Wasp Removal

We treat all kinds of wasps including but not limited to Paper Wasp, “Avispa” and Yellow Jacket.


Fly Control

Dumpsters, drains, and standing water are perfect areas for fly reproduction.


Wild Animal Control

Foxes, Racoons and Opossums removals.


Termite Control

Residential & Commercial Spot Treatments

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This is one of the most trusted companies I have ever dealt with. They are very professional and provide the best customer service. Their pricing is worth every penny. Definitely better than the bigger name companies

Adolfo Ospina

I called Fearless on a recommendation and am extremely pleased with the service. We had a bit of an emergency and they were nice enough to come the same day, even though it was a holiday! Price is reasonable and service is friendy and efficient.

Robin Cox

We moved into a new home and needed service quickly. Fearless was quick to respond, and very thorough. They knew exactly what to do to solve our issues. I highly recommend their services.

Kimberly Deribeaux